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Apple Rabdi - Recipe from Reader

Eat Healthy during pregnancy event has ended and I am very happy that we received more than 200 recipes. I am all excited. I will be taking some time (may be a week or so) to post the round up and also selecting the winner by voting. I want to do this round up in a way that it will be helpful to all the pregnant women. I Thank each and every one who participated in this event and made this a great success.

I must Thank Cynthia for sponsoring the first prize for this event. If you are not yet aware of her book, do visit here and own a copy. She is an amazing cook and a very humble person and I am sure that we can learn a lot from her.

Now coming to a recipe from one of my readers, Madhu for this event. She adds, "
"Fruits act as energy boosters for every one. especially, during pregnancy,it is advised to consume 4 to 5 fruits every day. fruits contain lot of fiber and helps in the development of baby. one such fruit is apple, which is high in nutrition. apple helps the growth of fetus to gain energy and sustain itself.the beta carotene present in fruits helps in the multiplication of cells in baby\'s tissues, improves vision and enhances child's immunity systems. fruits prevents constipation problem. so, i felt of sharing a yummy recipe made from apple, called as Apple Rabdi."


apples -4( grated apples-2, for decoration-2)
sugar-1 cup
milk-1 liter
Cardamom powder-a pinch


Boil 1 liter milk until it reduces to 3/4 th of its quantity.

Add sugar and stir well till sugar dissolves completely.

Add a pinch of Cardamom powder and stir once.

Now add grated apple to this milk and stir for 3 times and remove the vessel from heat.

When cooled to room temperature, it can be kept in refrigerator for 2 hours.

After 2 hours,apple rabdi bowl is decorated with apple pieces and served.

Note: Pregnant ladies are adviced to consume this dessert during summer only.

Thanks Madhu for sharing your wonderful recipe with us. Please note that anyone can submit their recipes to this blog via submit a recipe form. I will be more than happy to post your recipes.


What!!! When did that get over! OMG! I did not even realize, has it been that long already?

An interesting twist on Rabdi...

take your time for the roundup sangeeth! apple rabdi looks so good.

Rabadi looks tempting, Waiting for the round up

I vaguely remember the Eat Healthy During Pregnancy posts, but since I'm not pregnant, I didn't read them carefully. Thank you for pointing us toward Cynthia's blog! I just went to visit and it looks wonderful!

Am with Anudivya! It's finished already!?! Am truly sorry Sangeeth, I was so super busy last December (plus I took a 2-week leave from blogging) that I did not have the opportunity to submit a dish! And I promised myself that I won't miss you events for anything! :(