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Where do you buy your cookwares?

I personally feel that many of us have come online freaks. Of course in a good sense. We are so fluent and have more knowledge about online shopping. People, especially those in the US have a tendency to buy items online. This includes Groceries too. So, tell me how many of you have bought groceries online? Do you get the satisfaction of buying good vegetables and fruits if you buy online? I have not given a try yet. But would love to do online grocery shopping soon.

CookwarePhoto from :Wasserstrom restaurant supply

Not only that, many of my friends buy cooking supplies online. There are many websites which provide this service. But I would like to know if you have any favorite ones. I am a big fan of 'Top Chef' reality program. I have always awed at their professional cookware. Looking at the varieties and appearance, I bet anyone who loves cooking would love to buy these items. Hmm...let me see if I can convince my husband to buy me these. Difficult but not impossible I guess.

Now tell me,

1. Do you own any particular culinary item which you consider as professional.?

By this I mean, anything you consider only restaurant chefs will own. I have nothing. A big Zero! Would love to know about your equipments. Specially about Microwave cookwares.

2. Do you have any suggestions or brand that I can buy? I desperately need a couple of microwave safe bowls. I just have the plastic ones which are microwave safe.

3. Where do you usually buy your cookwares?


I recommend Costco for cookware and microwave safe bowls and utensils.
Cookware - Their Kirkland signature brand is as good as the Calphalon counterpart (which is way expensive)
It is also on top of the Consumer reports rating.

Microwave safe bowls - For reheating purposes, cooking, storing from the freezer to the dishwasher or anything that you want to do... Consider the Rubbermaid clear containers (they have a black/red lids and are square) and they are made with plastic (like any other microwave safe utensil). But the better thing about this is... it does not stain.
I have used numerous bowls, but they all eventually end up getting yellow or translucent from continuous usage, washing etc.

Groceries - Yes, I do buy them online most of the time from, but their services might be limited to this part of the country. You might have to check, I am not sure.
Their veggies and groceries are pretty good.

All the above mentioned are my experiences and what I know from using them. So, please research them before you zero in on anything. :)

I was just about to ping you and ask you where you went missing since last week... considering that you normally post frequently. Thatz why. The new TV is doing this, ain't it? *giggle*

Reg. microwave safe bowls you can use any glassware too. I use juice pitcher to make tea in MW, glass pyrex bowl to cook, reheat etc. And of course plasic bowls too.

I am also thinking of buying groceries online. I heard Safeway has this method.

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Hey Sangeeth..don;t worry about convincing ur hubby..afterall hubbies are there to sustain our any case he gets to eat all the yummy stuff.
As for microwave stuff...I generally buy porcelain stuff ( I am not too much into brands) as long as the thing works fine and makes my life easy. We home cooks shud be proud of the fact that without the aid of chef like gadgets we can do a job well..if not better. :)
Also, Nordic ware is good..u can give it a shot.

Well, I do prefer to pick up stuff from the stores instead of doing it online, for i find the returning part of the online shopping cumbersome.

Also, just a tip. Non-stick cookware might not be very good for Indian style of cooking because in our style, the temperature easily exceeds 500 F the temperature exceeding which such cookware gives out poisonous fumes.

I have cast iron cookware which for me is chef-quality. I love it for its weight, even cooking and of course does not burn easily.

I think our KitchenAid mixer, some of our knives, and our stainless steel cookware (frying pans, pots, etc) are professional grade.

We prefer to only put glass bowls into the microwave. Pyrex makes great and affordable bowls (as Uma mentioned).

As for groceries, what we can't or don't grow, we like to buy from our local health food co-op or at the farmers market. Sometimes I'll order certain foods online - such as a case of anchovies from, and specialty baking goods (like organic white whole wheat flour) from the King Arthur Flour company's website.