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Home made Pizza base/Dough - A cooking Video

I love Pizza! preparing it at home was great fun! You should give it a try if you haven't till now. It is easy and simple to make Pizza base/dough at home and you can make any kind of pizza within minutes. Yes it is quick to make too. Do share your experiences with us. Do you make your own Pizza? Which is your favorite kind of Pizza? Mine is Veggie delight with pineapple topping! Yummy!

Note : Bake the pizza at 450 degree F for 15 mts.


Nice job on your blog design. Followed this recipe link from Twitter. I've been looking for a good pizza dough recipe. I found another I'm going to try too. And hey, thanks for the visit to my new blog!

Pizza is one of our favorite meals! Except in the summer (when it's too hot to have the oven on), I make it myself with the help of the bread machine. :) My guys love the anchovy pizzas that I make.

You make pizza dough look easy! I like how you shape the dough. I never make my own because im intimidated by all the tossing and stretching of the dough. Your method looks easier; thanks for sharing :)

I was planning to make Pizza dough at home this weekend for my very own pizza party. Your timing of posting this video could not have been better, Thanks!

Hi Sangeeth,
The blog looks great. Pizza is my love, and I spend a hell lot on pizzas every month, just because I didn't know the amount of yeast to put in for the dough. The video was very helpful. I'll try making out one.
Do u have any idea whether I can prepare a pizza without a microwave.

@sudeshana, I am not sure ...let me check and get back to you.

Cool video girl. Just watched it now...
I was hoping for a toss in the air ;)


Good Pizza Cooking teaching

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Hi Sangeeth.
Nice video. Really wonderful:)I am going to try your recipe this weekend:)

Cha! Rombo bore adikkuthu (no not your blog, before you get any ideas) I am talking about more videos Sangeeth... edhavadhu video post pannaen!

is it wheat flour is used for making pizza base pls any one tell me what type of flour is used........ and how shall i ask it in the departmental store