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Corn Paratha with Onion Raita - Recipe from a reader

I am very excited. Yes this is my first recipe which I received from one of my readers through the submit a recipe form. This Corn Paratha with Onion Raita recipe is from 'Chinar Pandya'. I am very happy to share the recipe with you all.

Corn Paratha is actually new to me. I have never tried Corn Paratha. After reading the recipe, I feel that it is worth a shot and will try as soon as possible. Do let us know if you have already tried this Corn Paratha.

Ingredients for Corn Paratha:

1 cup sweet corn, boiled(only shred whole beans, don't grate)
1 onion chopped
1 small green chilli
A tiny piece of ginger
Salt to taste
coriander leaves
1 cup Wheat Flour

Ingredients for Onion Raita:

2-3 medium sized onions
1 bowl of Yogurt
10-12 peanuts(fried and powdered)
Sugar and Salt to taste
coriander leaves
2 teaspoons oil
1 tsp cumin seeds


Take boiled corn in a bowl. Add chopped onion,green chilly, grated ginger, salt and coriander leaves.

Put it aside.

Now make paratha dough with flour, and use the above mixture as a stuffing and make parathas out of it.

Take a look at how to make plain paratha recipe, in which I have explained the step by step method of preparing Parathas.

Onion Raita
(I wanted to add a picture so I added my old Raita Picture)

How to make Onion Raita:

Now take Yogurt in a bowl.

Add sugar and salt to taste.

Add peanuts powder just enough to thicken it.

Grate onions and add in the mixture.

Also add coriander leaves.

Now take 2 tsp oil in a pan and heat. Add cumin seeds to it and keep on heat for half a minute.

Let the oil come to room temperature, add the same to cold yogurt.

It tastes best with parathas.

I Thank Chinar Pandya for sharing this recipe with us. Keep them coming!

I request all my readers to make use of the Submit a recipe form and share all your great recipes with us. Please include a picture of your recipe too. It helps us to relate to the recipe.


Corn parathas seems to be very easy...interesting one...good one dear reader..

Lovely! they taste awesome with grated cheese. Unfortunately fatty :)

Neat idea! Never thought to use corn for parathas. Sounds great! :)

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