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Did you know your husband cooks?

If I had known my husband can cook this Kothu parotta so very well, I would have definitely prepared this and sent to MBP street food hosted by Sia. I never knew my husband could cook! Poor me! He had been hiding this great secret of his from me for a long time now (we know each other for more than 5yrs). Innocent me! With this note I have to tell you how I caught him as a chef. I must say a decent chef, for a person who doesn't even move his plate after eating. I know! My mil has pampered him in this regard.

It was a week back and I had some usual problems with my health. I was feeling very tired and slept at around 5PM in the evening. I had a great dream. I was strolling with my best friend near my house(in India) and to mention, I was in my 10th std in my dream. Good old days! Miss them!.Back to my dream. We had a tiff and she was consoling me. Suddenly, I must say, these things happen only in dreams, we saw a street shop and he was preparing...of course Kothu parotta.

Though we generally do not like the ambiance, the aroma lured us into the shop and obviously we were drooling. The waiter, instead of asking what we wanted to eat was yelling 'Get up! Its 8.00PM. Time to Eat! You can sleep after that.' and that too in my husbands voice. lol!

By now, all know that my sleep got disturbed and I was sitting with a plate full of Kothu Parotta prepared by my loving husband. Though I was very happy, I couldn't tolerate the fact that he messed up my kitchen. Yes! the Kothu Parotta tasted Divine. But my kitchen!omg! was a mess. I spent 30 mts cleaning it. But, it was a sweet surprise. I have requested him to give surprises like this, even if it takes my time to clean up after he is done with his surprises.

Now coming to the recipe (My husband's version of Egg Kothu Parotta).

Ingredients (Serves 2)

4 Parotta (It can be homemade or frozen)
2 Eggs
1 finely chopped onion
2 finely chopped green chillies
salt to taste
pepper to taste


Cook the Parotta. If Frozen parotta is used, then heat it and cook it before preparing this recipe.

Cut the parotta into small pieces. They need not be even, but need to be small.

In a pan, add oil and saute the onions till they turn light brown.

Now add the green chillies and half the salt.

Add the eggs and mix well.

Add little pepper.

When the egg is half cooked ,add the cut parotta and mix well.

Now check for salt and if needed add some.

While mixing, use a spatula to do a repeated pounding so that the egg,parotta and the onions mix well.

Serve hot with any of your favourite side dish. I loved it without any.

Note: The Kothu parotta made in streets, will have some more spices and also a sauce to it. Since it is a home made version, we had to cut on these spices and sauce, mainly because my husband did not know where I kept them in my kitchen ;)

You can also do chicken kothu parotta, meat kothu parotta, the same way and adding more spices to the recipe.

I hope every married women would have had an experience like this. Sharing can be fun. Did you know your husband cooks? Waiting to hear your stories.


mmm.. ur hubby has the done the dish so perfect... convey my regards to him!

u had nice dream which become reality..isn't that gud ;) hubby did gud work...thumbs up for him :p

LOL at your dream! Loved reading the post. Your hubby sure made a delicious food for you. Why don't you ask him to surprise you even more by cleaning the kitchen after cooking? He he!

LOL... I knew my hubby could cook before i got married and thats one of teh reason i didn't bother much about learing to cook till i came here. actually i learnt making rasam, sambar and rice from him ;) and somedays when i am not in am ood to enter kitech he takes over the role of head chef from everyday asst. chef...
good for u girl... have u discovered what other things he can cook ;)

thankns girls...he is so happy t hat i posted abt his parotta...

as of now he does maggi and this parotta sometimes even rava dosa which is really good....

i onced asked him to clean and he said he will clean ...still he is cleaning.....its already 3 months...donno when he will start ;)

that kothu parota looks delicious..should tell my hubby about it!!
Another surprise for you waiting in my blog!!

Yes, my Hubby can cook. Not only that, he is a back-seat cook, too! (That means he gives me tips and lectures from the couch when I am cooking!) I have featured several of his dishes on my blog.

It is a blessing that our hubbies can cook! :)

BTW, what is a parotta?

lucky us ning! parotta is similar to roti (flat bread) made of all purpose flour!

I am glad mine doesn't cook for obvious reasons!!!
Am happy with him being my guinea pig for anything and everything that I make....

My hubby cooks really well! and I finally managed to train him on cleaning up after cooking! thank god!