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Homemade Yogurt recipe

Making yogurt is an art. If you do even 1 mistake in the process, your yogurt is spoiled. This doesn't mean that making yogurt is difficult. However, it is time consuming. You may wonder why I am wring this as a post. I have seen a lot of people in the U.S buy yogurt from the store and it does cost you around $3.50. When you can make yogurt at home why waste money on this? It is a very simple process and to make homemade yogurt you require the following,

Milk - 1/2 Gallon. This quantity depends on how much yogurt you want to prepare. The more yogurt you want, the more milk you should use.

1/2 cup starter Yogurt. This is nothing but the yogurt you have prepared or bought the previous time. For the first time you need to buy the yogurt. But from then on you can use the homemade yogurt you have prepared.

This is enough if you want to prepare a flavorless plain yogurt. But if you want flavors you can add the flavor syrup like vanilla, strawberry etc to this while preparing.

How to make Homemade Yogurt Recipe

Boil the Milk in a large pot in high flame. In India we have a special vessel for boiling milk. However a pot should do.

When the milk starts to raise switch of the stove and allow the milk to come to the room temperature. This is nothing but heating the milk at 185 degrees and then cooling it to 110 or 100 degrees.

Now add the starter yogurt (for plain yogurt) and the syrup (for flavoured yogurt) and mix well. Allow it to set for 16hrs. This process is called Fermentation.

The temperature of the yogurt must stay between 90 and 110 degrees during this Fermentation time. This can be achieved by keeping the yogurt outside during summer and on all the other seasons place it inside the oven and switch the light on.

Do not set any temperature for the oven. The yogurt will get set with the help of the heat produced by the switch inside the oven.

Do not disturb the yogurt in between this process. This might spoil the yogurt formation.

After 16hrs, refrigerate the yogurt for 2 hrs and the homemade yogurt is ready.

You can use Yogurt in many Indian recipes, but my favorite is curd rice.


16 hours is a lot I think. 8 Hours is good enough else the yogurt will turn sour.