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Tasty tricks for cutting fat, calories from recipes.

Who will not stop to read an article with this title. I did too. When I was browsing through CNN's website, this article caught my eye. Everyone loves to eat and in the same time wants to look like girls who participate in ANTM (America's Next Top Model) hosted by Tyra Banks. Can we achieve our goal in a healthy way? Of course Yes. This will be the answer if you contact any doctor with this question. Beauty is what that is inside. But most of us do not get convinced with this thought. We also want to look beautiful outside. Can we achieve this with our regular diet? I know there is lot other questions in your mind.

This Article by Judy Fortin for CNN is really good. I liked it. Who doesn't love brownies. Be it a toddler, or a 60yr old granny, no one can resist their love for brownies. We all know it contains loads of fat and calories. But do we know that there is a substitute for this? She has also given many tips to reduce fat and calories from our daily diet.I follow a few too.

1. I use only Extra virgin olive oil for cooking. That too I use only 1 tsp for my recipes.
2. Previously I was using oil for deep frying. Now, I am using Microwave oven to do the same. It does work. Though the taste differs, it surely is edible.
3. I bake the non-veg items like chicken and fish so that their nutrients are not lost and there is no oil used.

There are many other tips given in the article. Just have a look!


cabbage poriyal sapptutten nanna irukku

I've managed to cut down on oil by making a paste of onion and (if reqd) tomatoes and putting them on a hot pan. That forms the base of my curries

Hi! I have managed to make oil free indian curries by using onion paste and occassionally tomato paste too. that way one deons't need oil