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My Halloween Baking experience - More Funny than Scary!

Weak hearted people and those who are great bakers, please think twice before reading this post! This post is full of scary cookie pictures and an haunting experience! OK. If you are expecting a ghost to pop up and say 'BOO', then you might be disappointed. It is not about haunted ghosts or haunted house or Halloween costumes! It is all about my experience baking a cookie for Halloween!

Only few days left for Halloween and I wanted to do something this year. Why not try a spooky cookie? This was my first thought. I decided to bake a monster cookie and broom stick cookie. I had all the required ingredients and according to the instruction, I preheated the oven. Within minutes I started hearing creepy sounds from my oven and smoke started to come out from the sides of oven. Looked like my oven was haunted!

Immediately I opened the oven to check if something went wrong and there goes my smoke alarm! Tring! I panicked. I always panic when my smoke alarm goes off! Leaving the oven , I ran to my smoke alarm with newspapers and was waving it hard and was trying to stop the sound. Finally success! Yes Success stopping the alarm, but the oven!

I switched the oven off and after 30 mts started all over again. Now before I share the recipe for this Halloween cookie, I must say that I failed in this attempt. Both the cookies did not come as expected! The broom stick cookie turned into a Table Tennis Bat cookies and the monster cookie was so cute to be a monster! So I made Bunny monster cookie with both! The scary bunny monster cookie to haunt you! Rather funny for you to laugh!

Though this attempt of mine was a failure, the final product was hilarious! I laughed at my bunny monster cookie and I know those who are reading this will be too. I take a vow that I will be a success in making at least the broomstick cookie ,as I have already scared my husband with this Monster cookie attempt! He is now ragging me every minute telling things like 'Only you could make such a scary monster cookie', 'This cookie is haunting me more than the 'Haunted' series which is televised in Discovery channel' and he goes on and on! I think I have to make something else to make him stop this!What do you say?

Now for the picture!

Now you can laugh out! :)

I crochet this 'BOO Bookmark' as part of the Halloween craft for kids.

Happy Halloween!


Hey Sangeeth,

I love your Boo bookmark..It is so cute....And your cookie :D So how did it taste ?

The taste was great! but u know looks are first when it comes to food...and my cookies looks horribly funny!

hey girl, loved this post, made my morning:)

thanks for your kind words about my new site! I've fixed the bookmark thing, so it should work now:)

ha, ha, ha that's hilarious Sangeeth! Don't worry about the spooky baking series, it happened to me too! So join the club! And that bunny cookie looks cute. Not to mention about the bookmark, you're a talented girl.

BTW, I used cookie cutter to get the star shape for my coconut pickle.

Kitchen disasters and stories are part of life. There will be no fun in cooking without them. I am master of disasters. Your bookmark is so beautiful.

That was funny Sangeeth.....but ur effort must be applauded...everyonce in a while all of us fail....but it just boosts us to give it our best shot.

Thanks girls! your comments make me feel better :)

Bookmark is cute, but the one-eyed monster cookie is way cuter! Aww, and he has pink stuff all over him... Now, don't tell me you ate him!

Your bunny monster cookie looks too cute :) and great going on the crochet bookmark! you rock girlie!

Sangeeth, your story had me laughing! And I must say that bunny looks quite...special? :) I am sure it tasted delicious, though.

I too had some cookie disasters before...looks funny!!!

hehehe :D,thats a hilarious post..the bookmark is nice.

heheheheh..i was lol when i read your post...your cookie is damn cute to be a monster..and where's the broomstick one?you still have to make it???Then i am waiting for another funny story

hahaha that cookie is funny.... doesn't look even remotely like a bunny. but the bookmark is cool!!!! well written post, I enjoyed reading it :)

bookmark is cute..and cookies are mouthwatering

Very cute monster cookie..Loved the boo bookmark

Hi cant stop laughing..loved the way u described ur experience funny...Lovely crochet bookmark..

LOL! good one.. loved the bunny.. and the bookmark too.

What was that? Hey just joking. My very first experience with a butter cookie was exactly the same. The batter was running like water. I added some sprinkles on top of it which made it more strange. That experience really put a full stop for my baking adventure.