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Donate for a Heart - An appeal to all the fellow bloggers

When I saw today's post in srivalli's Cooking 4 All season, I was really upset! The story really affected my mood. Why should such agony and pain come to people and that too poor people? Only God has answers to it. But, we can make a difference. We can contribute to this fundraiser and make 'Lakshmi' live longer at least for her kids.

Ramya, from Ramyacooks won the
Eat health Protein Rich contest and won $20 prize money. She was so sure that the money must be given to a non-profitable organisation that helps the needy. When we were discussing on how to send and where to send the money, I came across this fundraiser by Srivalli and in a flash I decided that I should be sending this money for this event. When I discussed this with Ramya, she was more than happy and immediately gave a go ahead.

Though it is a very minimal contribution from our side, we are happy that we were able to help.

"We will be managing the funds and will pay the hospital directly, once she gets admitted. No funds will be directly handled by the family members. The fund collected will be used for her operation, post operation charges plus to support them for at least few months." says, srivalli with utmost dedication and commitment in raising the fund for a great cause.

I request through this post, all my readers, to contribute either as money or by promoting this
fundraiser so that the target money can be reached.

Please mail Srivalli at, if you have any question regarding this fundraiser.

Hope we all make this a great success and help our friend Lakshmi.

The target amount is 15,000 U.S. dollars. I appeal to my fellow bloggers and readers to help Srivalli achieve this. Lakshmi deserves a chance to live and her kids deserve their mother.

You can chip in directly from my blog too from the chip in widget below or from the one placed in my side bar. Thanks for your support and help.


Sangeeth, thank you for your support and contribution!