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The Mega Round Up of Protein Rich Contest!

I am very proud and happy to write this post for 2 reasons. First, this event is a great success and it is a pleasure sharing healthy recipes with people and the second reason is ...this is my 100th post! HURRAY! I am patting my back for reaching this level in my blog world. Now you know why this post is close to my heart. I am carefully drafting this so that this will be a great source of information filled with facts and protein rich recipes.

At this moment, I am so very thankful to all those who have contributed and who have supported me in making this event a great success. We always, in our busy and mechanical life tend to neglect few of the minute yet very important things. One such thing is 'what we eat'. Most of us do not take time to cook or intake healthy food. Even eating at odd times is not healthy. There are a few of us, including me, who knows the importance of healthy food, but due to some reason doesn't cook them regularly. For all those who love good and healthy food and for all those who doesn't have any other option other than taking healthy food, I am proudly presenting this collection of recipes.

As I updated in my previous post, I received a total of 170 entries. I have categorised them so that it will be easy to read and also easy to search for a particular protein rich recipe. Now for the mega round up. Drum roll.......3,2,1 and here it comes.

1. Chicken and Meat Varieties

We all know that any Meat is a good source of protein. To be more specific, here are few facts about chicken protein.

Chicken, breast, fried, battered (half)contains 34.78g
Chicken, breast, fried, not battered (half) contains 31.2g
Chicken, dark meat only, fried (3oz) contains 24.35g
Chicken, drumstick, fried contains 13.21g
Chicken, light meat only, fried, (3oz) contains 27.27g
Chicken, thigh, roasted contains 13.49g
Chicken, wing, fried, battered contains 9.74g
Chicken, meat only, stewed, (1 cup) contains 42.59g

Know more about protein content in different types of meat.

Now knowing the importance of these meat, we shall see the recipes having
Meat/Chicken as its main ingredient.

Almond Chicken by Healthy Nut

Roasted Red Pepper Chicken by Tart Reform

Chicken Tikka Masala by Tasty Treats

Tandoori Chicken by Homecooked

Green Chilli Chicken by Ruth

Tiranga Murgh by Asan Khana

Tzatziki Chicken by Tart Reform

Stir Fry Chicken by Tasty Treats

Harlequin Chicken by Tart Reform

Mexican Chicken Casserole by Tart Reform

Chicken tikkas by Tasty Treats

Chicken Parmesan Rollups by Tart Reform

Lemon Chicken by Tart Reform

Grilled Chicken with Herbs by Heart and Hearth

Dijon Tarragon Grilled Chicken by Joelen

Chicken Fajita wraps by Sumi's Kitchen

Diced Chicken with Vegetables by Tasty treats

Pepper chickencurry by Illatharasi

Tri-Tip Roast on the WSM by House of Annie

Turkey Philly sandwich by Columbus Foodie

Baked buffalo wings by Tasty Treats

Sichuan beef stir-fry by Tasty Treats

Green kababs by Health Nut

Hot and Sour Pork with Celery by Tasty Treats

Wheat Meat Porridge by Healthy Nut

and Chicken Biriyani, Chicken Chukka, Chicken chalna, Pepper chicken, Chicken kozhambhu,Pepper chicken curry by Srilekha of
Me and My Kitchen.

2. Lentils

With 26% protein, lentil is the vegetable with the highest level of protein after soybeans and hemp. It contributes as a major source of protein for vegetarians.
The types of lentils are

Brown/Spanish Pardina
French Green/Puy (Dark speckled blue-green)
Green (Most common variety)
Yellow/Tan Lentils (Red inside)
Red Chief (Decorticated yellow lentils)
Eston Green (Small green)
Richlea (Medium green)
Laird (Large green)
Petite Golden (Decorticated lentils)
Masoor (Brown-skinned lentils which are red inside)
Pigeon Peas
Channa Dal
Mung Lentils
Petite Crimson/Red (Decorticated masoor lentils)
Chana (Kernel of chickpeas)
Urad (A type of bean)
White/Ivory (Peeled Urad beans)
Garlic Lentils (Genetically altered)
Macachiados (Big Mexican yellow lentils)

Apart from a high level of proteins, lentils also contain dietary fiber, vitamin B1, and minerals. Red (or pink) lentils contain a lower concentration of fiber than green lentils (11% rather than 31%). Health magazine has selected lentils as one of the five healthiest foods. Lentils are often mixed with grains, such as rice, which results in a complete protein dish. To know more on lentils and their importance do visit
Lentil - A major source of protein. Now for the entries.

Pita chips with hummus by Healthy Nut

Tangy Urad lentil withLayered Paratha by Health Nut

Drumstick leaves Dal by My experiments with food

Dosakaya pappu by Escapades

Mixed Dal by Taste Buds

Paruppu orundai Kozhambhu by Random Thoughts and Vegetarian Recipes

Bisibelabath by Curry In Kadai

Quickfix Lowfat Paruppusili by Random Thoughts and Vegetarian Recipes

Moong dal Sambhar by Random Thoughts and Vegetarian Recipes

Lamb Sausage with Lentils and Sauteed Pears by Other People's Food

Pannoli by Enjoy Indian Food

100 Simple Sundals by One Page Cookbooks

Panchmel Dal by Mom's Recipe

Falafel with garlic labenah dip and salad by The Footloose Chef

Pesara chiyali by Plantainleaf

A healthy meal by Sindhi Rasoi

Channa Masala by Mom's Recipe

Dalia Upma by Sheetal

Paruppu urundai kozhambhu by Sumi's Kitchen

Moong dal Usili by Easycooking

Healthy tomato spring onion moong soup by Paajaka Recipes

Sorekayi hesaru bele sihi kootu by Paajaka Recipes

Spinach chickpea soup by Veg Inspirations

Usal by Veg Inspirations

Split pea soup with Barley by Veg Inspirations

Lentil Roti by Veg Inspirations

Spinach Dal by Vegetable Platter

Arisimparupu sadam by Ramyacooks

Sambar Vada by Plantainleaf

Tamarind Chickpeas with Spinach by Vegetable Platter

Grits and Daal Adai by Egglesscooking

Dalpeta by Indian Khana

Sweet and Sour Chickpeas by Tasty Treats

Dal Maharani by Enjoy Indian Food

Palak Moong by Food with a Pinch of Love

Kerala Kadala Curry by EC

Protein Roti by Plantainleaf

Chickpea Falafel by Redchillies

and Chickpeas sundal and vegetable sambhar by Srilekha of
Me and My Kitchen.

3. Soya and Tofu

Soybeans can be broadly classified as "vegetable" (garden) or field (oil) types. Vegetable types cook more easily, have a mild nutty flavor, better texture, are larger in size, higher in protein, and lower in oil than field types. Tofu and soymilk producers prefer the higher protein cultivars bred from vegetable soybeans originally brought to the United States in the late 1930s.Among the legumes, the soybean, also classed as an oilseed, is pre-eminent for its high (38–45%) protein content as well as its high (20%) oil content.
Both Soya and Tofu are rich sources of protein to vegetarians.

Soybeans are considered by some to be a source of complete protein, thus having no need for protein combining, although this is contested by other sources. A complete protein is one that contains significant amounts of all the essential amino acids that must be provided to the human body because of the body's inability to synthesize them. For this reason, soy is a good source of protein, amongst many others, for many vegetarians and vegans or for people who cannot afford meat.

The gold standard for measuring protein quality, since 1990, is the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) and by this criterion soy protein is near to being the nutritional equivalent of meat and eggs for human growth and health. Soybean protein isolate has a Biological Value of 74, whole soybeans 96, soybean milk 91, and eggs 97.

Soy protein is similar to that of other legume seeds, but has the highest yield per square meter of growing area, and is the least expensive source of dietary protein.

Consumption of soy may also reduce the risk of colon cancer, possibly due to the presence of sphingolipids.

Source :
Soy and Tofu

Now for the entries,

Soy Meal Maker by Art of cooking Indian Food

Soya Vegetable pulao by Spice-Club

Baked Rice Wrapper rolls with wasabi peanut sauce by Charche Chauke Ke

Thai noodles with Tofu by Asan Khana

Orange Banana Smoothie by Mom's Recipe

Bissap and Tamarind Tofu wraps by Ammalu's Kitchen

Red Grapes and Strawberry Semifredo by ToungeTicklers

Soy Kheema Mutter by Ramyacooks

Tofu Pilaf by Creative saga

Spicy Tofu Sabzhi by Creative saga

Golden Bowl by Cook's Hideout

Healthy soya nuggets with turaiby Tasty Recipies

Healthy Palak Tofu by Tasty Recipies

Soya chunks fry by I cook I post

Tofu Fajita Wraps by Sumi's Kitchen

Methi Grenule Masala by Bhawana

Soy Masala by Voiz Out

Soya Manchurian by Suma's Cuisine

Soya Nuggets Biryani by Illatharasi

Easy Soy Bean Salad by Ramyacooks

Vegan Masala Scrambled Tofu by Chutki Bhar Pyar

Red Fried rice with Soya nudgets by Sheetal

Sweet and Spicy Tempeh by Diet,Dessert and Dogs

Jamaican Jerk Seasoned Tempeh Sandwich by Tasty Pallets

and Soy beans curry by Srilekha of
Me and My Kitchen.

4. Sprouts,Beans and Seitan

Seitan is a protein vegetarian product. It has a savoury taste. Seitan has a long history. Traditionally it was eaten in China, Korea, Japan, Russia and the Middle East. The name 'Seitan' comes from Japan, where it already hundreds of years in traditional manner is prepared. Seitan was 10 or 15 years ago discovered in the natural.Seitan is also known tarwevlees.The proteins useful recordable rate is 67%. Seitan contains no cholesterol, saturated fatty acids and purine (uric acid) and is easily digestible. It is cholesterol-free and still nutritious, with 22% vegetable protein. It is an energy-meat. Seitan is easily digestible and quick to prepare.

As you all know Beans and sprouts are also a great source of protein.

Now for the entries,

Mixed Vegetables and Sprouted Dals in Sweet Lime Dressing by CookSpot

Sprouted Moong Side dish by Foody Delight

Vegetarian Sloppy Joe Sandwich by Live2cook

Homemade Seitan by Zlamushka's Kitchen

Seitan Stir fry by DK's culinary Bazaar

Adzuki Beans-Kale Curry by Cook's Hideout

Chile Releno Bake by Dilse

Sprouted Mung bean Salad by Taste of Mysore

Refried Bean Roll Ups by Tart Reform

Black Beans Masala by Food with a Pinch of Love

White Beans Soup by Egglesscooking

A Protein rich snack by Annarasa

5. Sea Food

Every one's favourite.Nutritionists have known for years that seafood is a source of top-quality protein. Know more about the nutrients in sea food from

Coming to the entries,

Shrimp and Macaroni Salad by Tart Reform

Seafood EggDrop Soup by Heart and Hearth

Shrimp Saganaki by Tart Reform

Meen Kothu Kari by Suma's Cuisine

Meen Polichattu by Ranji's Kitchen Corner

Fish Rice Cakes by Spicy Khana

Mushroom Shrimp Masala with a Hot flavor of Tri Colored pepper by Ramyacooks

Easy Shrimp Masala by Ramyacooks

6. Paneer, Cheese and Egg

In general, cheese supplies a great deal of calcium, protein, and phosphorus. A 30-gram (1.1 oz) serving of cheddar cheese contains about 7 grams (0.25 oz) of protein and 200 milligrams of calcium. Nutritionally, cheese is essentially concentrated milk: it takes about 200 grams (7.1 oz) of milk to provide that much protein, and 15 grams (5.3 oz) to equal the calcium.

In addition, the protein in raw eggs is only 51% bio-available, whereas that of a cooked egg is nearer 91% bio-available, meaning the protein of cooked eggs is nearly twice as absorbable as the protein from raw eggs.The albumen, or egg white, contains protein but little or no fat. It can used in cooking separately from the yolk, and can be aerated or whipped to a light, fluffy consistency.The egg white consists primarily of water (87%) and protein (13%) and contains no cholesterol and little, if any, fat.
Know more on Eggs

Here are the entries,

Paneer makhani by Cooking up something nice

Zucchini & Caramelized Onion Frittata with Feta by The Spiced Life

Panner Tikka Masala by Art of cooking Indian Food

Egg Masala in White wrap by Asan Khana

Ricotta Cheese by Asan Khana

Paneer Chilli by Easycooking

Scrambled Eggs with Ham & Spring Onions on Toas by Greedy Gourmet

Paneer Chilli by Cooking4allseasons

Cheese and Corn Balls by Bombay Foodie

Punjabi Home Style Paneer by Bombay Foodie

Alice Medrich's Italian Chocolate Almond Torte by Smitha serves you right

Egg scramble with mixed veggies by Sumi's Kitchen

Stuffed Paneer Masala by Food with a Pinch of Love

South West Egg Rolls by Tart Reform

Bread Upma by Me and My Kitchen

Egg cutlets by When My Soup Came Alive

Chawan Mushi by Elsye

Paneer tikka masala by Foodie By Nature

Muttai Bonda- Egg Bonda/Bhajji by Ramyacooks

Paneer Butter Masala by Rina's Recipe

7. Yogurt and others

Fermentation of the milk sugar (lactose) produces lactic acid, which acts on milk protein to give yoghurt its texture and its characteristic tang. Soy yogurt, a dairy yoghurt alternative, is made from soy milk.

Yogurt is a nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

Here are the entries,

Protein Flour Porridge/Sathu Mavu Kangi by Few Minute Wonder

Mor Kali by Lisa's Kitchen

Kadhi-Kashmiri by EC

Figs and Foie by Spanish Recipes

Noodles with Peanut Sauce by Tasty Treats

Fruity Yogurt by Veggie Platter

Spicy whole wheat noodles and veg stir fry by Curry In Kadai

Cowpea Leaves Stir fry by Experiments in Kailas Kitchen

Corn Salad by My Spicy Kitchen

Aloo Palak by Mom's Recipe

Easy and Healthy Peanut Balls by Ramyacooks

Curd Rice by Me and My Kitchen

Ragi Sevai by EC

Shahi Bhindi by Indian Khana

Super Healthy Shake by Essence Of Andhra

Dhania Methi Thepla by Food with a Pinch of Love

And phew! thats it! you may all wonder why I have written Srilekha's entry alone without linking to her recipes. It is because...drumroll.....

SRILEKHA IS THE WINNER of getting featured in my blog for a month. I will be writing a special post featuring all her recipes asap. She has sent be a total of 27 entries wow! Thanks dear srilekha...I appreciate it.

Now I would specially mention few foodies, who have contributed more than 4 entries to my event.

Tart Reform (10 Entries)

Tasty Treats (9 Entries)

Ramyacooks (7 Entries)

With 4 entries we have,

Veg Inspirations
Asan khana
Food with a pinch of love
Health Nut
Mom's Recipe
Sumi's Kitchen

At this moment, I render a special heart felt thanks to all those who have contributed to this event and made this a great success. THANKS ALL!

Now for determining the Winner of $20 gift card. I personally have chossen the following recipes to be voted by you in the next few days. I chose them keeping in mind the originality, presentation and ofcourse the protein content.

Cowpea Leaves Stir fry by Experiments in Kailas Kitchen

Figs and Foie by Spanish Recipes

Jamaican Jerk Seasoned Tempeh Sandwich by Tasty Pallets

Stuffed Paneer Masala by Food with a Pinch of Love

Ragi Sevai by EC

Grits and Daal Adai by Egglesscooking

Arisimparupu sadam by Ramyacooks

Tofu Fajita Wraps by Sumi's Kitchen

Grilled Chicken with Herbs by Heart and Hearth

Seitan Stir fry by DK's culinary Bazaar

Homemade Seitan by Zlamushka's Kitchen

Chicken Parmesan Rollups by Tart Reform

Hot and Sour Pork with Celery by Tasty Treats

Tiranga Murgh by Asan Khana

Tri-Tip Roast on the WSM by House of Annie

I could'nt select 5 and so here I go selecting 15 of the recipes for you to vote. Please vote from 5th AUG till 10th AUG (Midnight CST).Hope you will vote and help me out in deciding the winner.

Please vote in my blog. I will be creating a voting poll in the side bar so that you can vote.

Do come back for knowing who is the winner and also await next months event.

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Ricki :)

Thanks Ricki for pointing it out....I have linked your entry in Soy category but by mistake your pic was added in chicken category....I'll fix it asap.

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Nidhi...I missed it sorry yaar...have added it now...


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