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Rava Kesari / Sooji Halwa - An authentic South Indian Dessert/sweet

I was watching TV yesterday around 4PM and was feeling very hungry. Thought of making some sweet as one of my friends asked me to post more sweet recipes. Thought of doing carrot halwa, but did not have carrots! The next easy sweet as far as I know is Rava Kesari. This is a recipe mostly done in festivals and also in marriages.
For breakfast in most of the south Indian marriages will be Rava kesari, bajji or bonda with coconut chutney and also pongal. Yummy! the thought itself makes me hungry and drool. Indian Food rocks! Rava Kesari also called sooji halwa, is very easy to prepare. All you need is rava (sooji)!


1 cup Sooji (rava)
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup of water
1/4 cup of nuts (Cashew, almonds)and raisins
1/4 cup of ghee or butter
A pinch of salt


In a pan, add butter. Whe it is melted add the nuts and raisins and saute them.

Add the sooji(Rava) and saute for few min.

When you get the smell of Sooji geting roasted in ghee (wow! it really is a pleasant smell), you add sugar and mix well.

Now add water and cook it in medium flame. stir occasionally. Add a pinch of salt to enhance the flavour.

After 2 min, check if the sooji is cooked and serve hot!

One more award: Today I got Nice matters award for my blog from Divya of Divya's cookbook. Thanks Divya. It does make me feel good and more committed to my blog when I get these awards. Thanks made my day! I pass it to

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Enjoy and have a great weekend!


thats a delcious sweet recipe!!!i love rava kesari..congrats on ur well deserved award sangeeth..thank u so much for thinking abt me:)and adding me to ur blogroll..u r very really happy and grateful.
adding u right away:)

Thanks a lot Sangeeth!! I appreciate it...just when I was having a moody day, u spruced it up! :-) i have a poll going on in my blog, come out there and vote for ur fav :-)

i've eaten this so many times but never knew how to make it...thanks for the recipe!

Congratulations on your award!!! Rava kesaribhaat is one of my fav!! and like you said, it was made for breakfast on my wedding tooo!!!! :)

Delicious entry, pics looks mouth-watering, yummm :))) Congratulations on ur well deserve award!!!

hey sangeeth, congratulation on ur award & delicious halwa..

Hey thanks for adding my blog url..i will also add ur blog url as soon as possible

Congrats on your award. Love the kesari color :) Everyone fav right?

rava kesari looks simply delicious, Sangeeth! I too love the smell when it's cooking. Congrats on the well deserved award.

Hi Sangeeth!! Congrats on your award!! Love Rava Kesari:) very nice photo:)

I made rava kesari recently for my hubby's birthday..too good

rava kesari looks so the colour...BTW, congrats on your award..

congrats on your awards !easiest sweet to make rt! i love it hot

This is one of my fav sweet..second only to mysore pav..

congrts on your award and thanks for passing it on to me...

rava kesari is the most simplest yet so very tasty sweet...but cooking this at 4 am is some inspiration!..:)

Sangeeth, cong on ur award! This kesari looks dellllllllliciooooooouuuuuus!

its 4PM srivalli.....4AM i'll b sleeping:)

Yum. Where could I find rava? Is it available outside of Indian food markets? can find rava in any market...just ask for sooji(farina).

Hi Sangeeth! I have something for you! Check my blog.

congrats for the award!....rava kesari looks nice, my MIL made this...and we call it sheera in marathi

Thank you all soooooo much :)

This is one of my fav desserts tht is made during festivals. Esp. with raisins and nuts added to it.
BTW have a surprise for u on my blog :))

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