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Microwave Beetroot Halwa

I usually do my halwa on stove top. There is no reason for it. I was taught to cook halwa using that method. With Microwave playing a major role in modern cooking, I wanted to try halwa using m/w. Moreover, I wanted to sent something for MEC- Halwa.

Microwave Beetroot Halwa

This is the beetroot halwa recipe on stove top. Both the methods are easy as far as I am concerned. The only tough part is grating the vegetable. If you have a blender, even this part becomes easy. I like to grate it traditionally with the help of a hand grater so it takes some effort from my side. But it is all worth it.

Here is what you will need to do the beetroot halwa in microwave


1 cup beetroot, grated
3/4 cup of powdered sugar
1 cup of milk
1/4 cup of ghee, clarified butter or butter
2 cardamom whole
Few fried cashew


In a microwave safe bowl, melt butter for 30 sec in high.

Now add the nuts, cardamom and fry them for 30sec in high.

Now add the grated beetroot and cook them at high for 2 min.

Now add milk and cook for 3 min in high. Stir after every 1 min.

Check if the beetroot is cooked. Else, cook it for another 3 min in high.

Add the sugar and mix well. cook it for another 2 min in high, stirring after every 1 min.

Rest it for 5 min before serving.

Beetroot halwa is ready. You can serve it hot or cold. Either way it makes a great dessert.


mmm. lovely color! halwa looks so inviting Sangeeth! Nice that it was made in MW.

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year 2009.

Uh! thats a quickie.. looks like the halwa will be done before I can say, 'goodness gracious'. Also, the video on watermarking is very nice.

Not to forget a very very happy new year to you and your family

arre gr8 yaar! loved the beetroot mum made halwa out of purple-black beetroots one time..n they were awesome.

wishes for gr8 yr ahead sweety

hey whenever u hve the time..cud u help me with disabling text selection on my blog..thts the only thing left to do.. ;p


Looks prefect for the event Sangeeth...wat a lovely colour halwa, would love to have few spoons!!

text selection is when u try to copy n paste my text...all that i have written...this also can be disabled..(like we disable right click)..was wondering if u knew any code for tht.

hope i am clearer this time :)

Tasty halwa,love the color.Have a wonderful and healthy new year:)

Hi Navita,

Thanks for stopping by my blog.You have a nice blog. The halwa looks very colorful and yummy. Will definitely try this recipe.

"Happy New year"

chweety beauty halwa.. looks tempting....

Wow, great looking. very much tempting and looks perfect.