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Red Kidney Beans (Rajma), corn chipotle Salsa

Trying out new cuisines gives you a pride. Whenever you taste a new dish prepared by the cook in you, don't you get a sense of accomplishment? I do! It gives great job satisfaction. Trying out new recipes have become an undefined task for me. Browsing through my fellow foodies blog and finding something interesting and cooking it is real fun! It makes me feel like I am in school and I am completing my day's assignments!

Yesterday, when I was struck by boredom, I wanted to cook something so that I can change my mood. Now, I had to find some recipe to cook instantly. In a flash, I remembered Jai n Bee's Black bean Salsa. Though I did not have Black beans in my kitchen, I did have (Red Kidney Beans)Rajma. So here comes the Black Bean Chipotle salsa from Jugalbandhi with the variation of using (Red Kidney Beans)Rajma instead of Black beans.

I need to say, Jugalbandhi is one of my favourite spots online. Jai and Bee are doing an awesome job and they inspire me in taking wonderful, mouth watering pictures. Whenever I need a treat for my eyes I jump straight to their site. Keep rocking guys!

This lovely Rajma Salsa which is rich in protein is dancing its way to the following events.

Tried and Tasted hosted by zlamushka. This time it is Jugalbandhi's turn to be tried and tasted. Though their original recipe had Pasta to go with this salsa, I can say for sure that this salsa tasted great and can be eaten all alone!

One Dish Meal : Salads hosted by Archana

Your recipe rocks by Madhuram - Finally an entry to one of my favourite events!

This is a non-rice item which can be eaten for lunch or dinner or snack! It is filling and healthy too!

There is one more recipe I wanted to re post for the Long Live the Shelf event hosted by Roma. I am sending this Tamarind Paste (Puliyodarai paste)which can be stored for a week when refrigerated in an air tight container. This paste can be used to make tamarind rice.


Salsa is so tempting meera

Rajma salsa is really innovative. I have never had it before but it looks inviting.

Thanks so much for sending the Puliyodarai recipe to the Long Shelf Life Event. Its a handy paste to have when you have rice and no time to make a curry.

Rajma and corn combo in salsa thats something tempting and different.

Rajma and corn combo is something unique and sounds delicious and awesome

thanks for the kind words, dear sangeeth. glad you liked the recipe.

it's such a hearty dish! looks so delicious Sangeeth!

Thank you for sending it to the event Sangeeth. The salsa definitely looks good and filling too. I usually use black beans, nice twist of adding rajma.

nice entries for the event sangeetha!

very healthy.. nice recipe:-)

Salsa looks great and tempting sangeeth

I could get seriously addicted to this salsa. Fantastic recipe and I like your substitution.

Great salsa, Sangeeth. thanks for "dancing" it over to me :-)
Hope I see you in next challenge?