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Spinach Rolls - A quick healthy snack

When it comes to spinach and kids I can say that they are like the little red riding hood and wolf. Oh! you know what I mean. They don't get along, even if we try tricking the kids to eat spinach. This is the case for cooked spinach. So, how about raw spinach leaves? no way! Can you make them to eat raw spinach? oh yeah! I got a pretty interesting recipe which I believe would be a great hit among kids too.

Healthy Spinach Rolls

Spinach rolls are very simple and easy to make. Very healthy and is full of protein and fiber needed for kids as well as pregnant women. No oil, no sugar is used throughout this process, which adds value to this food. You can make this like a little cooking project and do these rolls with your kids. This is real fun. I know you can't wait any more and so here is the Spinach rolls recipe. Do let me know if it made your kid eat raw spinach.


10 Spinach leaves (preferably big ones, which we can roll)
1 cup of cooked beans (I used Red kidney beans, Moong sprouts and chick peas)
Salt to taste
2 tsp of honey
1 tbspn of powdered nuts
10 toothpick

Healthy Spinach Rolls


Soak the beans for 4-5 hours and pressure or steam cook them by adding required amount of salt.

Now, take a spinach leaf and cut out the stem.

Coat the leaf with honey. This serves 2 purposes

1. It makes the spinach leaves taste sweet
2. It helps the nuts to stick to the leaf

Spread few powdered nuts on this.

Now place a tsp of cooked beans inside it and roll it.

Use a toothpick to hold the roll. Serve hot or cold, either way they taste great. The beans are chewy and the nuts are crunchy making it to taste just perfect.

You can do many variations with this recipe. Kids love something which can be eaten in one bite and also loves food which they can hold in their hands. Bingo!

You healthy Spinach rolls are ready! Easy and quick and makes a perfect evening snack for your kids and pregnant women so this is going to my eat healthy during pregnancy event. Do let me know if this recipe suits any other event, I would love to send it.


Wow wat a healthy rolls...great Sangeeth...wat a unique idea!!!

I was curious as to what the stuffing might be... beans and nuts sound awesome... And a nice healthy snack too. Just my kind!
Now, I am getting all wierd ideas as to what I can stuff in there... He he he.

Great idea, sangeeth. Better to stuff it with whole wheat pita bread with litle cooked rice, ur spinach and little cheese. Microwave it for 30 seconds. Let me enjoy it with pita bread for my healthy lunch.

This is a wonderful recipe! We've been trying to look for alternatives to chips, crackers, and all that other stuff for a good, healthful snack, and this fits the bill. Thanks!

wow..thats quite an innovative recipe..:)..lovely..

Innovative! wow! :)

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That's really an interesting idea. Can't wait to try this on my son!

interesting snack idea Sangeeth! looks so delicious and quick.

looks delicious!

join in the savories event going in my blog!

that's a very unique idea. looks healthy and delicious!

Sounds healthy and looks amazingly Grey cells are overworking now ,thinking about all the possible stuffings ..thnks for this lovely and simple recipe

Spinach Rolls- A Quick Healthy Snack is a wonderful recipe! For Health.This Great Idea.

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