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Winners of the Eat Healthy Calcium Rich Contest

Photo by: Darwin Bell

When I set the voting poll to choose the winners of Eat healthy Calcium Rich Contest, I never thought there would be an astounding response with 1798 votes! Somebody pinch me! Am I in my dreams? OMG! that is huge for me. I am flying in the sky.

I express my whole hearted Thanks to all the people who voted and participated in this event. This time during the first 2 days it was a very close competition between Sireesha and Usha(My Spice Kichen). The next day joined Priya and it was really interesting to watch the votes grow.

Finally, Sireesha won with 905 votes! Sireesha, you have a lot of friends and fans I must say! Congrats! Followed by Priya with 587 and Usha with 117.

Checkout the winning recipe and all the randomly chosen 15 recipes.

I will be contacting the winner soon.

Now coming to the Featured Food Blog for this month. Even this time it was Srilekha who sent the highest number of entries (31!). Thanks so much Sri for supporting my event. Along with her it was Yasmeen from Health nut who sent 24 entries. Thanks Yasmeen!

I had already mentioned in the roundup that there is a surprise second featured blog and it is Yasmeen's blog. I loved all her entries and I am very happy to feature her blog too. I am not a big person in this food blog world but I want to appreciate the participant's time and effort and hence I am featuring them. I hope you will all support me in this.

The Featured blogs will be placed in my sidebar for 1 month.

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More fun and healthy recipes awaits. I will be posting the contest details soon. So come back for sure!


Congrats to sireesha for the winning recipe:)
And thanks to YOU Sangeeth for featuring my blog ,I'm so delighted:)

u did a great job conducting this event

Congrats Sireecha and thanks to hosting an healthy event :)

You did a great job hosting. I am looking forward to the next contest!

As always, good job Sangeeth! Congratulations to Sireesha and Yasmeen! Great job you guys... Keep 'em coming!

Sangeeth dear, what an event! You have done a great job! The tremendous response shows that! Congrats to Sireesha, Srilekha and Yasmeen!

that was quick. and congrats to Sireesha. Looking forward to ur next event Sangeeth!
Happy blogging!

Congrats to sireesha....wish I could participate in this event..

congrats to all the winners..nice event sangeeth!!

Thanks for visiting my blog Sangeeth..COngrats Sireesha and thanks for hosting the event.