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Avial - A famous Kerala recipe

Recently I was chatting with my friend who was working with me in India. One thing I have to tell about her mom is that she is an awesome cook. Daily, or most of the days during lunch time or even before (sometimes I couldn't control) I along with few other friends will inspect her lunch box. God!Those were fun days!

Every time I look for Vazhapu vadai (banana flower fritters) in her lunch box.Though I know that no one will prepare the same recipe daily, it has become my practice, something I couldn't avoid. I really don't know if I got the English name correct but, I can surely say that it is one of her mom's best recipes. Even today, if I eat those vadas I will surely be reminded of her mom's recipe.

You may wonder why the post title is Avial Recipe and this girl is taking about vazhapu vada? It is because, this friend requested me to post Avial recipe. Also, I had invited few friends for dinner last week, which gave me the perfect occasion to serve Avial.

How to make Avial? - The famous Kerala recipe, which is a must in most of the South Indian Marriages and also in festive lunches. The secret ingredient for Avial is the few drops of coconut oil. I can't call it a secret ingredient because everyone knows that coconut oil is the key performer here, but then just wanted to give it a twist.


1 cup of vegetables chopped lengthwise. This can include carrots, beans, Peas, Drumstick, potato, cauliflower, eggplant etc. Any vegetable of you choice. More the vegetables, more the taste.

2 tbspn of curd
Salt to taste
1 tsp Turmeric powder
1 cup of Grated fresh coconut
3 - 4 Green chillies
few Curry leaves
1 tbspn Coconut oil (A must! Do not substitute. As I said before, it is the key ingredient for Avial recipe)


Wash the vegetables.

Boil the vegetables until just done, with turmeric powder and salt.

Be careful not to overcook the vegetables.Some vegetables may get cooked sooner. So add them accordingly, with the longer to cook first followed by the easily cooked.

Grind the coconut with green chillies, without using water.

Drain the vegetables.

In a pan,add the coconut mixture, beaten curds, curry leaves and gently toss for few minutes.

Now add the vegetables and coconut oil and mix so that all the vegetables are coated with coconut oil.

Serve hot! Can be refrigerated and used too. Just reheat it before serving.


Avial looks divine .......

Nice! Who doesn't like avial... hope your friends enjoyed it as well.
And in answer to your question... yes you can call me Anu. That is my nick name, so I have no problem there! :)

I like Avail too. Apart from coconut oil, drumstick is a key ingredient too.

Loved the variety of posts on your blog...ranging from cooking and blogging tips to recipes.

You r correct cilantro but then in US we don't get fresh drumstick so I made it optional :)


I tasted avial before but never prepared it myself. Thanks for the yummy recipe Sangeeth!

I can never get enough of avial... Yummy.

Looks delicious dear. never tried so far. good one.

Bhawana, its a good one to try :) you will really like it!