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Here they come again!

There are a lot of food events taking place around the world online. Food events makes us feel we are important. Contributing to a food event is not that easy. You have to prepare something with love. Hope everyone will agree with that. For me, Food events have made my life more exciting, interesting and what not. When ever I come across a food event I start to think what I can prepare for that event. what I get in return? - Joy of participation, one more recipe to my blog and of course appreciation from my husband for trying out new recipes.

Here they come again - I am re posting few of my early posts so that they can enter food events. First event is Curry Mela. This Mela series is rocking. Loved the Roti and Dosa mela and now its curry. After the round up we will all be getting a huge number of side dishes and its going to make our life easy.

Now coming to AFAM - Lemon by EC.

Lemon Rice

And my Jeera rice/Cumin rice for Think Spice- your favourite. I am thinking cumin!

Jeera/Cumin Rice


Thank you for your lovely entry :-)

Hey, love the new look of your blog. So cute. All the recipes look so delicious. Nice idea to re-post them.

You are doing a great job by encouraging other blogger's efforts. Good luck to you and Srilekha.

ur new template is looking real nice,..nd real nice entries for the evnt,,,

Thanks for reposting all at one place. All the recipes are looking awesome.

nice one yar! summing up everything :) and template is coool.......

Lovely template..And thats a good array of yummy dishes..

All the dishes look good and so does your new blog template.Cool :)

Like your new web design Sangeeth. It's neat. Those are all my favorite comfort foods. Especially paalak daal is the most favorite.

Your lemon rice looks especially delicious. Yum!

hey sangeetha! changed ur blog template and its too good! nice entries for event!

Nice collection for the events...thanks for participating