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When I saw the CLICK event for this month, I decided I must participate, come what may. I loved the concept and it sure is for a good cause. I had a lot of ideas but nothing was very convincing to me. I wanted to CLICK yellow and at the same time convey some message to the world and especially to dear Bri. Don't miss this great opportunity! Participate in this month's CLICK. The details of the event can be found here.

Yesterday, I had a great time with my friends in the beach and we stopped at marry brown, in Adayar. We ordered for a lot of tasty dishes and what caught my eye was the smiley. It was really cute. So I decided to try that. Today morning, I did the smiley with All purpose flour. Mine was more like a Bajji ,to cut the Bajji round, I used the sharp edge of a small round vessel. I made the holes for eyes and mouth very carefully. Though it did not come perfect as in the restaurant, it sure was very cute and tasty.,Here comes my CLICK ...

Through this CLICK I want to convey the message 'KEEP SMILING ALWAYS'. My best friend used to tell me this during my college days. Smiling Always- Yes, it is the best way to live our life. All of us, in one form or the other, have something bothering us; Something which makes us sad and depressed. Though it is difficult, we sure can over come any worries by smiling.

We all know, the one thing which makes every one happy is their Baby smiling. This pure smile makes us forget all the worries and fills our life with joy.

Bri, we all know how difficult it is to face something which we are scared of. Hats of to your confidence and strength. Keep smiling always and God is with us! Good Luck!


nice click for th event...

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thts a nice click! Cute smiley :)

That is a nice smiley you have :) Good entry!

cheerful click Sangeeth!

that is sucha cute chubby smile sangeeth...i am sure no one can resist smiling seeing this cutie:)

such a sweet click..good one

I am sure that Bri is smiling at that face :)

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Thats a very cute click..