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My very first Award

Today I am very happy. When I opened my blog, I got a surprise from JZ of Tasty Treats. She said I made her day and passed me 'You make my day' award. To be very honest JZ made my day. It is so very kind of you to pass this award to me. This is my first award and I will cherish it as it is my Oscars. I am very excited and so very thankful to JZ.

I am passing this to

ofcourse Uma of
Essense of Andra. Whenever anyone thinks of passing an award I am sure that Uma will be on that list. She is such a lovely friend, she makes sure that she gives lovely comments in my blog regularly. She is one of my inspiration.:)

Dhivya Vikram of
Dil Se. She is one other loving person who is very creative and encouraging.

Madhuram of
Eggless cooking. I came to know from her recipes that without egg you can rock in cooking. You go girl!

Cham of
Spice-club She is one other great cook sharing different recipes with all of us.

If I can pass this award back to JZ, I would surely do that because she did make my day ;) Thanks once again JZ.


Congrats on your award, Sangeeth! Wow, thank you so much for passing it to me, dear! Thank you so much for such sweet words about me! I am totally flattered. You always make my day!

Thank you Sangeeth. You have made mine.

Oh thank u so much to think about me Sang! Congrats on your award, everyone who maintained a blog regularly work hard and really deserve such an encouragement time to time....
I make my day too ! keep going :)

Hiya sangeeth! Congrats, I am happy that you are excited! You deserve it!

congrats sangeeth..enjoy u awards..1st awards are always special:)..

congoooo... u do give very nice words to ppl.. u do rock...

congrats for the award sangeeth:)
I think this is the first time i am visiting your blog,you have a very good blog with yummy recipes.

wow congrats on ur award.. sangeeth...:) hope u keep making everyones day this way... always..:)

Congrats on the award.First time here..will back to check your delicious recipes..